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About Us

Since 2003, private firms and government agencies have counted on Leumas for reliable real estate management, relocation, underwriting, acquisition, disposition, development, and administrative services. Over the past sixteen years, Leumas has experienced substantial growth, but our core philosophy has remained the same: Hire the best people in the market and help them become the best version of themselves, while simultaneously making life as easy as possible for our clients.

Investment Management
Property Management
RAD / LIHTC Development
Office and Tenant Relocations

What were we up to?

Federal Agencies

Leumas supports ten federal agencies on dozens of individual task orders annually.

RAD Conversions

Over the past 24 months, we ensured that over 200 of HUD’s individual RAD conversion projects were properly executed.


Over the past 24 months, we have helped over 900 households relocate into improve housing conditions throughout the U.S.


In 2021, we welcomed the 85th team member to our staff to help us deliver exceptional results.

At Leumas, our mission is to simplify and enhance the operations of Public Institutions and Investors via innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Reggie D. Samuel

Corporate Staff

Our People Are Our Greatest Asset.

Reggie D. Samuel
Reggie D. Samuel
Founder / Managing Director

Reggie is a graduate of Virginia Tech and provides oversight of the firm’s investments and strategy. (Owner’s Bio)

Doug Shepherd
Doug Shepherd
Director of Operations

Doug is a PMP Certified U.S. Army Veteran with a Masters in Management and Leadership. He provides day-to-day oversight of the firm’s operations and quality controls.

Nate Brooks
Nate Brooks
Deputy Project Manager

Nate is a graduate of The University of Mary Washington and provides day-to-day oversight of the firm’s tenant relocation division.

Gabriele Pollock
Gabriele Pollock
Project Manager

Garbie has over 20 years of Project Management experience and provides day-to-day oversight of the firm’s Relocation and Base Operations divisions.

Kadera Lyburn
Kadera Lyburn
Office Administrator

Kadera is a graduate of Bridgewater College and facilitates our day-to-day Office Administration and HR activities.

Bryan Gardiner, CFA
Bryan Gardiner, CFA
Finance Manager

Bryan is a CFA Charterholder with a Masters degree from UVA. He previously directed the Virginia Retirement System’s $12 Billion Fixed Income Program and manages our day to day finance and accounting activities.

Rae Eshalomi
Rae Eshalomi
Property Management Specialist

Rae is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and assists with the coordination of the day-to-day efforts of our property management activities.

Nico Villarreal
Nico Villarreal

Nico is a graduate of William and Mary and provides day-to-day analytical support for various corporate investments and initiatives.

Katherine Aarndel
Katherine Aarndel
Relocation Specialist

Katherine has a Bachelors in Human Services and helps facilitate our day-to-day Tenant Relocation activities. She has 17 years of experience working in Human Services.

Mie'leesha Washington
Mie’leesha Washington
Accounting Specialist

Mie’leesha is a graduate of Virginia State University with a Bachelors in Accounting and facilitates our day-to-day Accounts Receivable and Financial Reporting activities.

Tanya Charriez
Tanya Charriez
Property Management Specialist

Tanya has a Bachelors in Business and over 20 years of experience in the property management, with and emphasis on troubled assets. She assists with the coordination of the day-to-day efforts of our property management activities.

Tamika Howard
Tamika Howard
Property Management Specialist

Tamika is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelors in Business Management and facilitates our day-to-day Property Management Activities. She has been working in the Property Management industry for over ten years.

Seble Girmay
Seble Girmay
Operations Assistant

Seble is a graduate of Mary Washington and provides day-to-day operational execution support to our Director of Operations and Managing Director.

Jamie James
Jamie James
Office Administrator

Jamie is a graduate of Fordham University and provides day-to-day Office Management support and EA support to the Managing Director and Director of Operations.

2021 Targets

$200 Million Fund

Leumas is actively seeking to raise $200,000,000 to invest in affordable housing within the nation’s most undeserved communities. Interest in this initiative should be directed to Reggie Samuel @ 540.786.7368.

3rd-Party Platform Acquisition

Leumas is actively seeking to expand its presence in Richmond, Virginia by acquiring an established (2,000+ Units) 3rd-Party Multifamily Property Management Platform. Acquisition opportunities should be directed to Reggie Samuel @ 540.786.7368.

Incubator Investments

Leumas is actively seeking to invest in minority-owned businesses that are based out of Virginia and generate at least $100,000 in annual revenue. Investment opportunities should be directed to Reggie Samuel @ 540.786.7368.

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Our success depends on the success of our customers.

Who Do We Serve?

how do we serve them?

LEUMAS Multifamily Investments Endowments · PBGC · Pensions
Leumas Housing Program Administration HUD
Leumas Tenant Relocations Housing Authorities · HUD
Leumas RAD / LIHTC Development Support Housing Authorities · HUD
Leumas Financial Analysis GSA · Housing Authorities · HUD · PBGC
LEUMAS Office Relocations GSA
Leumas Property Management Endowments · GSA · HUD · Pensions

Crafting Elegant Solutions, One Task Order At A Time.



Current Openings

We do not have any job openings at the moment. Please come back again later.


Our passion at Leumas is to provide a fulfilling work environment for our employees, which presses them towards self-actualization to become the best version of themselves. We combine the exciting business of government contracting and large multifamily real estate investments with a unique culture and opportunity to make a difference. Our core values of Diversity and Inclusion, Community Development, and Total Well-being provide the principles we need to live exceptionally.
Genuine kindness, respect, and appreciation for others are core character traits at Leumas. To show our respect and appreciation, we provide our team members with flexibility in work/family arrangements, a fun environment, open and collaborative communication, and a sincere interest in their well-being. When you join Leumas, you will have a supportive and family-like atmosphere, where you will feel inspired to grow and celebrate your potential.

Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse work environment captures the top talent, cultivates the best ideas, and creates the widest possible platform for success.


We challenge conventional thinking and outdated systems to generate new ideas and offer better solutions to our clients.


Sustainability requires an all-inclusive approach, addressing not only our relationship with the environment through a focus on resource conservation, waste reduction and energy efficiency, but also our social impact to our communities, including relationships with our customers, employees, and investors.

Total Well-Being

We strive to ensure that our employees enjoy the same “we have your back” feeling we create for our customers each day.


What Do We Offer?


Our medical benefits are administered by UnitedHealthcare, the largest health plan in the United States, serving over 40 million members.


Under our dental program, you and your covered dependents can obtain dental care from a nationwide network of dentists and orthodontists.


Our vision program offers access to a nationwide network of optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Fitness Rewards Program

All regular salaried employees are allowed to leave work one hour early (up to 3 times per week) to work out at a participating fitness center.

Tuition Reimbursement

If you’re looking to enhance your skills for a job within Leumas, you could be reimbursed for certain expenses to further your education.

School Visitation Support

All regular salaried employees may request up to 2 hours monthly for the purpose of visiting a designated school/daycare.

Volunteer Support

Each year full-time employees get up to 8 hours of paid time off to participate in community service projects.

Tobacco-cessation Support

Leumas offers a choice of tobacco-cessation programs for employees ready to kick the habit.

AD&D Insurance

Our AD&D benefits are designed to provide financial protection for you and your beneficiaries in the event you become disabled or die.

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