Assistant Property Manager

Erwin, NC

As an Assistant Property Manager, you will utilize your ability to prioritize, multitask, think creatively, take initiative, and employ a diverse set of skills. You will act as a right hand to your Property Manager and make important business decisions in his or her absence. Our Assistant Community Managers bring positive energy to each conversation, resolve all management issues quickly and effectively, and make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.


  • A Strong Communicator. Your writing and speaking skills are clear and effective, helping you connect well with others.
  • Organized and Accountable. You are flexible and able to juggle the needs of changing priorities at the community.
  • Analytical. You are comfortable working with numbers, interpreting financial statements, evaluating trends, and analyzing data.
  • Creative. You are an idea person and like coming up with smart solutions to new challenges.
  • Flexible and Adaptable. You understand that solutions to resident issues and concerns may vary; this knowledge that the world does not exist through black and white lenses allows you to comfortably operate in the gray when needed.
  • Motivated. You invest extra energy to reach your goals and create synergistic relationships with team members and residents.
  • Solution-Oriented. You follow through on commitments, letting residents know that they matter.


  • Ensure prompt payment of invoices by opening mail and date stamp invoices, then submitting them to corporate.
  • Handle transactionslike accepting rent and deposits and inspecting move-ins and move-outs.
  • Maintain Accurate Financials by reviewing monthly financial reports and supporting data with Property Manager.
  • Minimize delinquent rent loss by diligently pursuing past due accounts.
  • Keep accurate records of prospective and current residents, as well as rent and inventory.
  • Inspect our community to prioritize curb appeal and ensure that all vacant units are in a rent-ready condition.

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