60-Day Post-Graduation Internship ($12/hr)

Fredericksburg, VA
Salary: $12.00 /hour

LEUMAS was founded in 2003 and provides investment management, property management, development, and relocation services to the federal government, private investors, endowments, pension plans, and public housing authorities. To learn more about Leumas, please visit our website at www.LeumasGroup.com.

At Leumas, we want you to get “more than coffee” in our (paid) post-graduation internship program. Gone are the days of sitting at a desk performing meaningless tasks for school credit! At Leumas, we develop and inspire our Post-Graduation Interns through hands-on projects, gaining experience from industry professionals, promoting personal and career development and boosting your skill set for the real world! When you leave here, you walk away with working knowledge in every division of one of the fastest growing companies in Virginia.

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